Citation FAQ


  • How do I Obtain a Receipt?

    For monthly parking receipts, login to your account, select 'Profile' from the 'Your Account' drop down menu in the top right corner, select, 'Manage My Permits.'  Select the appropriate permit, navigate to 'Permit Actions', and select 'I Want To . . . 'drop down menu, select 'View Permit History' from the drop-down menu, then select 'View Receipt' for any applicable receipt.

    For other receipts please contact your local office.

  • Why did I receive a Violation On My Vehicle?

    If you park without a valid permit, your vehicle is subject to enforcement including violations, towing, or booting.

  • Why was my Car Towed/Booted?

    Unauthorized vehicles are subject to violation, tow, or immobilization. Terms and conditions are available at here. We reserve the right to tow or immobilize any vehicle with unpaid violations, improper or unauthorized parking, including reserved and handicap spaces.

    If your vehicle has been towed or booted, please contact your local office or one of the applicable number listed below.


    A B S Booting Company 770-650-0659
    A Tow Towing Company 404-557-8950


    At Your Service Towing 513-251-9484


    Shamrock Towing 614-882-3555


    All Cities Towing 214-637-9003 or 214-637-9010


    Nashville Booting 866-383-6060





  • How do I Pay for a Violation?

    Violations can be paid in two ways:

    Pay with a credit/debit card at violations or by scanning the QR code on your violation. Please have your violation and/or license plate number available.

    Mail your violation and check/money order to the address on the parking violation envelope or to your local office .  You must include the violation and/or license plate number with your payment to ensure proper application. Failure to provide a valid violation and/or license plate number will result in additional notices.

  • How do I Dispute a Violation?

    Dispute a violation at Select CITATIONS at the top of the page, enter violation number or license plate number, select ‘Search for Violations,’ then ‘Dispute.’ Submit all requested information and attach proof of payment or other photo evidence related to your dispute reason. A representative will review your dispute within two business days. All disputes will be accepted, reduced, rejected, or returned. All dispute resolutions will be emailed to the email provided.

  • Why are there Different Prices On My Violation?

    Violation amounts are scaled based on the amount of time elapsed from date of issuance. Violations increase after seven calendar days of issuance. Disputed violations are eligible for the reduced fee if disputed within seven calendar days of issuance.

  • Who do I contact with Questions About Enforcement?